Let’s dig some Gold – EUREKA…….

“Eureka” the Greek word for “I have found it” this is what the everybody hopes for when  they visit Sovereign Hill and start digging for Gold.

The biggest gold nugget ever found was right here in Victoria at Sovereign Hill and was called the “Welcome Stranger Nugget” found in Ballarat which weighed near about 70Kgs.

Sovereign Hill recreates the first 10 years after the Gold Rush in 1851 in and around Ballarat.  The museum has been built keeping in mid the original gold mining site which is brought to life through interactions with characters and activities to try and find “Real Gold”. Some people/ groups do get lucky.

The drive to Sovereign Hill is short one about 80 Kms from Melbourne CBD, on arrival you are given a map to explore the town and its surroundings with a tour guide (mostly) who will educate you on what it was like to be in the era of the Gold Rush. The Chinese influence in that era can been seen around the town and they were some of the larger group of immigrants who came here in search of gold. In Sovereign Hill, you can dig for gold and if you find some you get to keep it.

Gold miners experience in a dark environment with uneven footing has been replicated with background sounds playing in the background along the end of the trail to give you an experience of how it would be if you would have walked in the mine more than a century ago. A replica of the Welcome Stranger Nugget is placed on the way out and you can try to lift it.

Sovereign Hill is a place to experience the Victorian era with the characters around the township working hard to enact the atmosphere of that era.

A demonstration is also made to enact the mining experience with gunpowder explosives making a loud bang and giving your ears an exercise.