Great Ocean Road – “The Whale spotting is on…”

Great Ocean Road the strikingly beautiful scenic drive which has got something for everyone.

Nature trails for people who love to walk around the bushes, for people who love wildlife and would love to spot koalas and kangaroos along the way also for people who love to surf. Although at this time of the year during Melbourne’s winter months the famous locations are much are less crowded and much quitter but the oceanic vies are more powerful making the view more spectacular.

The winter months also gives the tourist a better chance of spotting whales in the water near the coast!

During the months of June – October each year Whales from Antarctica male their journey towards the warmer areas of the Indian Ocean. Many of those whales when making this journey usually make pit stops to Bass Strait which spans between Tasmania and Victoria.

Bass Strait is specifically visited by Southern Right Whales which gather in numbers of up to 10K across southern Australia to breed and raise their little ones (calves) before returning to their feeding grounds in Antarctica.

Southern Right Whales are dark grey in colour with white patches on the head and they do not have a dorsal fin which make them easy to identify from blue whales and spot humpbacks which are also not uncommon to spot during this migration period.

Whale sightings are not uncommon in Portland, Port Fairy, Warrnambool and Apollo Bay but this season sightings have been observed as close as 100 metres from the shore along the Great Ocean Road.